xfly Beta 1.01

Commercial airplane simulator for Java phones


  • Simple controls
  • Enjoyable gameplay


  • Very basic graphics


xfly is a 3D flight simulator for Java mobile phones that you'll enjoy if you've ever wanted to fly a jumbo jet.

The gameplay of xfly is very similar to another popular Java flight sim, FreeFlight. You cruise around the skies above a large landscape, with the freedom to soar where you choose. The difference with xfly is that you play the part of a commercial airline pilot, taking charge of a large plane.

Although the graphics in xfly are very basic, the sound effects are quite authentic. The best thing about the game though is its gameplay, and it makes for a relaxing way to pass the time on a long journey (perhaps if you're flying somewhere you could play it!).

xfly is a simple commercial airline flight sim, that puts you in the hotseat of a big plane.



xfly Beta 1.01

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